The Alex Iwobi Story: Lessons for parents. My post on Chuka Iwobi father of Super Eagles forward Alex


The Alex Iwobi Story: Lessons for parents. My post on Chuka Iwobi father of Super Eagles forward Alex, opened up a discourse with friends on a private platform, the kernel of which is the choices we help our children make in career decisions, the direction,guidance and support we give to them add up to determine the end results. However some of us parents approach the business of development and education of our children with a mindset. Often the interests and passions of children are secondary if not completely ignored, resulting sometimes in children with unusable university degrees and or professional qualifications that do not tick or excite them nor stimulate them to higher achievements. I have had to counsel many parents and their children along this line in the past ten years with a decent percentage of luck. I am driven by the Alex Iwobi story to restate the need for parents to see and identify with the interests and passions of their children in the determination of what is good for them and career paths . Alex’s father is a lawyer and could have pushed Alex to study Law. As an ex-footballer in whose playing days football was not exactly very rewarding and could have punctuated his thoughts, he was still able to see Alex’s future in football. Perhaps the great career heights of his very famous brother-in-law Austin Jay-Jay Okocha helped but Chuka obviously made all the big decisions that have now posted great rewards and dividends. I am therefore admonishing parents to consider the interests and passions of their children and in sports, craft, art, drama, music and dance when making career decisions because a well tutored and supported child will reach the top and produce the goods today. In a changing world with new global imperatives,it is no longer about conventional jobs,professions or degree made-possible vocations. My injunction therefore is that parents in being part of career choices for children may have to yield to the desites,interests and passions of their children. I am done.

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