Dalung’s Emergency Call.


Dalung’s declaration of a state of Emergency in Nigeria’s sport is a mere expression of intent to do something new and or somethings differently. It has no legal or constitutional backing, It also lacks moral strength giving his less than honest handling of pre-Rio Olympics matters of logistics and co-ordination.

Dalung’s proclivity for doing the wrong things and a distinctly unpalatable style of running sports has put the activity at the mercy of poorly designed personal intrests,with dangerous ideologies that have taken our sports prisoner of repeat failure,and dry tale of emptiness. Hopefully his declaration will not mutilate further existing structures and bodies in sports or heighten their dysfunctionality.

His emergency declaration in my opinion is all sound and fury delivered with political humdrum signifying nothing.He has not the capacity to re-invent the wheel,nor is he a soul mender which Nigeria’s sports badly needs now.
You cannot beat your chest with another man’s hand.

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